• Modern Commerce and the 8-Second Rule

    This post is based on the webinar Experience-driven modern commerce powered by Adobe and Elastic Path. You have eight seconds to grab your target’s attention, says a Microsoft study. People are shifting between four to five devices in a day and flipping through their feeds on the subway. There is no time. And, your customers don’t really care…yet.

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  • How Carolina Millan Made Over $850K Online

    At the recent Supercharge Summit in Las Vegas, I sat down with Carolina Millan to find out she made over $850K online. Carolina is a rare breed among internet marketers. She’s female and she’s lives in a county not known for internet marketing. Yet she was able to make over 850K in a few years with just MOBE along (over $1.2 million if you include her other online income sources).

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  • WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist – 50+ Best Practices [Infographic]

    Even as we enter in 2018, the popularity of WordPress doesn’t seem to diminish and rightly so! WordPress is the #1 CMS to build a blog or a website with. It is free to use, open source and is flexible enough to build any kind of website or blog you desire. Its flexibility is largely due to the availability of a wide variety of responsive WordPress themes and with ample of WordP ...

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  • ICANN loses comms chief to Fannie Mae

    ICANN’s top PR guy has quit for a job at Fannie Mae. Duncan Burns, senior vice president of global communications and managing director of the Washington DC office, will leave the organization next month after the ICANN 61 meeting in Puerto Rico. Burns has been leading comms at ICANN for five years.

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  • Why Most Marketers Ignore Lead or Customer Quality

    Ask any marketer who is running digital ads about the metrics they look at to define campaign success. The responses will most likely include the number of leads or conversions, cost per acquisition, and CTR. You will never hear them discussing lead quality. The most common reason is the fact that they do not know how to quantify their lead quality.

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  • How Much do Facebook Ads Cost? You Could Be Overpaying

    Here’s the deal: Facebook advertising does not have a set cost. It’s all based on competition – what you’re willing to spend to get noticed compared to other businesses competing for the same attention ...

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  • Freedom of data movement in the cloud era

    In January, we joined an amicus brief with other technology companies in a case pending before the Supreme Court involving Microsoft and the U.S. Department of Justice. The companies that joined the brief argue that Congress must act to resolve the complicated policy questions raised by the case, as Congress is best-suited to weigh the important interests of law enforcement, ...

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