• How to Not Go Viral and Grow by 500k+ Monthly Visits

    It’s a common industry trope these days to create a link building presentation that focuses on linkbait. Someone gets in front of the audience and spatters off 4-6 case studies of successful content they created that many would describe as “viral”. These presentations are sexy. But there’s a problem with them… they rarely tie to real business results.

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  • My December 2017 Monthly Income Report

    Welcome to my December 2017 monthly income report! We’re well into January now and things are flying over here at SPI headquarters. I’m working on getting ready for my YouTube push next month (subscribe here so you don’t miss anything) as well as some behind the scenes implementation of funnels for my online courses. More on that and other 2018 plans later in this report.

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  • FTC Issues New Report for Improved Native Ad Disclosures

    The FTC is taking another step toward helping marketers, and others, ensure they are complying with the requirements for ad disclosures. Prominent disclosures have been a priority for a number of years now, and they continue to make efforts to force companies to clearly display their ads. The latest step they are taking is releasing a new report, which they titled, “Blurred ...

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  • The Facebook Local They’re Not Talking About

    I received a message on my Facebook iPhone app today...it wanted me to download Facebook Local - a new app that is designed to help me find local businesses that offer what I'm looking for. Facebook has been working on this for awhile - once upon a time it was the Facebook Events app that they re-fashioned into Facebook Local - and it looks like they're pushing it fairly agg ...

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  • Please don't kill the blogs

    An open note to Google To the gmail team, You've built a tool for a billion people. Most of my blog readers use it every day, and so do I. Thanks for creating an effective way for people to connect to the people and ideas they care about. That comes with responsibility. The same responsibility that the postal service has... to deliver the mail.

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 4 readers -
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